If your design is broken, we can fix it.

We create and maintain logos, websites, and print pieces to get your brand back on the road.


Tired of cluttered communications?
Stuck with an old website?


We understand the frustration of having communications that don't... communicate.

We create logos, websites, and print pieces that cut through the clutter.


How to get started:


1. Complete the "Start" form.
2. We'll arrange a phone call to discuss your project.
3. If it’s a good fit, we'll get back to you with an estimate.

Our Design Style:

• is clean, direct, and clutter-free

• is best described as "International" or "Fortune 500" style

• makes your brand look bigger to improve trust and authority

We're all about clean lines for high performance.




• Logo and print design
• Website design
• WordPress website maintenance

Satisfied Customers

“When launching my startup medical manufacturing company in 2015, I chose Eric King to lead all design projects; his design aesthetic and ability to listen stood above the others interviewed.”

— Nancy C. Stamps RN, President, Snap Medical Industries

“Eric King has been a fantastic design partner to Harvest Financial Advisors for many years. He provides thoughtful guidance and valuable insight as we seek to expand our message and help more people. I highly recommend King+Sons Design Garage.”

— Paul Burgdorf, Senior Vice President, Harvest Financial Advisors

"I'm the author of seven published automotive books, and Eric has been the designer (both cover and interior) of the last four. He's a joy to work with—creative, flexible, reasonable—which allows me to focus on content while knowing he'll come up with an elegant design. His fabulous sense of humor manifests itself in prank book covers which are valuable as teasers for social media."

– Rob Siegel, The Hack Mechanic™

"Eric King has been the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra’s graphic designer since 2009. It’s great when your designer listens to what you really need and delivers quality.”

— James R. Cassidy, KSO Music Director and Founder

"Eric King has a unique ability to deliver a powerful message about your company’s brand without using too many words. His web and print designs redline your company’s focus in a very simple but sophisticated way, delivering a convincing message to your customers."

— Gene Kopaygorodsky, K Homes

“Eric King has often been our “go to” for clear, concise design solutions—especially when the need was timely. He also helped design a website which consistently receives a notable amount of fan engagement—both from those just discovering our music and those who have been following our music for years. We highly recommend his design services.”

— Linford Detweiler, Over the Rhine

Our Toolbox

design: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat

web development: WordPress, Beaver Builder, iThemes, Gravity Forms

office: Trello, Pomodoro, 17 Hats

Creative Process

1. Discovery

Asking all the questions and setting communication goals.

2. Creative

Research, design, and revisions until a concept is finalized.

3. Production

Making sure it really works, out there on the road.